Skateboard Deck Crafting Tools

Skateboard Deck Drill Jig´╗┐

Fast – Precise – Easy

Drill Jig
Includes one #8 (5mm) drill bit.
Up to 19″ wheelbase with 1/8″ registration marks.
Centerline guides
The drill block pivots so it will work on non-flat decks
Drill block is the same size as a truck baseplate so you can see exactly where the nose and tail pull away from the truck. This make the fore-aft placement super easy.
Drill with confidence!

Drill Jig $165

Extra Dill Bits $3.50

Skateboard deck drilling guide
Skateboard deck drilling guide centerline
Skateboard deck drilling guide
Skateboard deck drilling guide

Custom Modified Router Bit

Most every router bit has a gap between the blade and the roller bearing. This is not a problem on a big square corner, but when you are routing the top and bottom edge of a skateboard deck, this gap allows the bit to gouge the deck when you cut the 2nd side. We bought off-the-shelf 3/16″ radius router bits, removed the bearings, put the bit in a mill fixture and move the bearing right up to the cutting surface.

Customized 3/16″r Router Bit w/1/2″ Shank $20

Skateboard Deck Edge Routing Bit

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