Tie Rods

In stock and ready to ship
These are modified OEM Honda/Acura tie rods, and nothing beats OEM quality.
They will work on the following chassis:
DC5, DC5R, EP3, EM2, ES1, ES2, ES9
Replaces Honda/Acura Part numbers 53521-S6M-003 or 53521-S5A-003
These are the “Todd” from Club RSX tie rods. Even though I am no longer active on Club RSX, we still make these tie rods. I am asked every couple weeks this question. I try to keep them in stock at all times, but occasionally run out. If that happens,  it is rare that it take more than a week to modify another batch and ship them out.

Many people are finding they have run out of threads with the stock tie rods when you add a lot of camber, and/or install coilovers. We have installed coilovers that actually needed longer than stock tie rods. More commonly people need shorter than stock tie rods. It is unacceptable to sacrifice proper toe to get the camber you want.

We modify OEM RSX 53521-S6M-003 tie rods to make them highly adjustable. You can safely run them 50mm shorter on up to over 20mm longer than stock, all with the same tie rod.
The overall length is adjustable from 18″ to 20.5″ (455mm to 520mm)

$292 for a brand new OEM modified pair

This photo shows the adjustability of our modified tie rods. The top and middle rod are the same tie rod with the stud threaded in or out to show how far you can adjust it, in comparison the the un-cut factory DC5 tie rod.

tierodthreeda Vinci Designs Modified RSX DC5 Tie Rods

Some people have cut more threads in their stock tie rods and shortened them to get the proper toe out. I suspected that if you turn down the hex and cut more threads, the rods would be thinner through the hex section. To confirm this, I put a brand new OEM tie rod in the mill and cut into it to take a peak inside. Sure enough. Look how much thinner that section of tie rod would be if you extended the threads.


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